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From Russian into Hebrew / English
Medical translation requires not only a knowledge of the language, but also understanding of terms, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Translation must be correct and accurate because it’s related to health and human life. Translation must be correct and accurate

I translate discharge summaries, surgery reports, reports of imaging studies (US, CT, PET, MRI) and laboratory tests at a high professional level.

About me

I have been translating medical documents from/into Hebrew for more than 10 years.
I have an Israeli medical degree (I was trained in Hadassah Ein-Kerem Medical Center, Jerusalem), 5-year experience of working at the departments of Hadassah Ein-Kerem Medical Center. Nowadays, I cooperate with private Israeli medical tourism companies and with medical tourism departments of hospitals.

Over 10 years of medical translation experience

Translation accuracy and speed

Acceptable price


Translation of medical documents into Russian 93 NIS per page (250 words)*
Translation of medical documents into Hebrew 99 NIS per page (250 words)*
Surcharge for urgent translation 50%
* Including VAT




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